Yes, Mary Stuart is her first name – a southern double name.  Like Mary Ann, Mary Beth, Mary Kay.  Yes, Stuart sounds like a last name so it’s confusing if one assumes she has kept her maiden name. So, a hyphen is often added just so you know which way the Stuart swings.  To further complicate the matter she married a man with the last name Freydberg.  Yes, she’s always spelling and pronouncing that one.   Fortunately, there are few Mary Stuarts so everyone will know who you are talking about if you stick with Mary Stuart.

Just to add to the story, she and her husband met in New York, New York. (And Mary Stuart is confusing?) They lived in SoHo (South of Houston) bought some land in North Salem (not to be confused with South Salem), New York and built a country home near the Titicus Resevoir on a street with no house numbers.  It was called Merry Meadow (it just had to have a double name).  While the house was under construction, it came to pass that the small country town decided that in respect of fire code regulations each property needed a street number.  Unfortunately, Mary Stuart’s house wasn’t finished, so when the numbers were assigned, her house was forgotten.  Mary-Stuart’s property was the first on the street and before their neighbor who had been assigned “1”. Her address was back-filled to 1-A. Seriously? Too funny. 

Mary-Stuart moved.  Away from the double named state, town and home to the often mispronounced Greenwich (not Green witch,  Grenitch). Oh my.  And of course, Mary-Stuart bought a home on Zaccheus Mead Lane.  No.  Yes.  Double name and spelling requirements ensued.  Yes, “Z” like Zebra… double “c”…  And there’s more.  But now you remember the double name Mary Stuart!

Thanks for reading!