Greenwich Point

Greenwich origins are traced to the historic village of Old Greenwich, which today preserves the charm of a gracious New England community with classic colonial homes, condominiums and beautiful waterfront properties.

Characteristics: Old Greenwich offers an intimate shopping district, which includes, retail shops, services and restaurants. Reminiscent of a small town Main Street, Sound Beach Avenue is several blocks long and connects train, retail, schools and community.  Predominantly residential south of the main shopping area and train station, Old Greenwich lot sizes are predominantly a quarter acre.  Residents treasure the neighborhood feel and beautiful views over the Long Island Sound.  One regularly sees residents walking, socializing, jogging and riding bicycles.   Old Greenwich is bounded by Stamford, Riverside, Westchester County, NY and the Long Island Sound.

Parks, Clubs and Amenities: The southern tip of Old Greenwich includes scenic Greenwich Point.   The nearly 150 acre park peninsula reaches into the Long Island Sound.  A destination point on its own, Greenwich Point has a popular town beach with concession stands and a soft sandy beach.  The park also includes recreational areas, picnic areas, a tidal pond, summer camps, extensive trails along the coast and inland  and boating facilities.  Enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, water sports, walking, eating and socializing.  Dogs on leash are welcome in the winter months and will be turned away at the Gate House off season.  Park passes are required.  Binney Park and pond is another popular park, located between Sound Beach Avenue and Arch Street north of the railroad.  The park includes tennis courts, a paved path, baseball diamonds, swings, and a pond and hosts community concerts and activities.  Members only Innis Arden Golf Club is in eastern Old Greenwich.Greenwich Point in Old Greenwich CT

Schools: Old Greenwich Elementary School is in the heart of Old Greenwich.

Transportation: The Old Greenwich railroad station off Sound Beach Ave and at the northern end of the commercial center gives easy access to midtown Manhattan, approximately 45 minutes away.   Access to I-95 is via exit 5 at the junction of Putnam Ave.

Services and Features:  Old Greenwich Community Center (OGCC) and Eastern Greenwich Civic Center hosts summer camp and community events and area shows and gatherings.  Enjoy roller skating, basketball, clinics and rooms available for rental, including a gym, small auditorium, lounges, and outdoor spaces.  The Hyatt Regency Greenwich is a 373 room hotel and conference center located on Putnam Avenue near Stamford, CT.