Client Focus

What are your priorities?


Defining your goal is important.  It affects your selling strategy.

  • Is your goal to reach a target price, liquidate quickly or maximize the net present value? 
  • How important are the terms, timing or certainty of execution? 
  • Is it flexible? 
  • Are there family considerations? 
  • Are you willing to make repairs to improve the liquidity or value of your home? 
  • Are you concerned about or eager for open houses, marketing or online photos?

Let’s discuss the options and build a strategy around your goals so we can we bring the best possible version of your home to market and attract the most valuable offers.


The purpose for your move and your frame of reference will have a large impact on what you choose to buy.

  • Are you moving from out of the area? 
  • Will your family be growing or changing?
  • Are you moving from New York or within the area?  
  • Will you be changing jobs or commuting to work?
  • Are you considering other towns as well?
  • Will you consider building or renovating?
  • Have you sold or do you need to sell your existing home?

Mary-Stuart personally experienced each of these phases. She moved to New York City from Washington DC and then to Westchester County, NY where she built a home, Merry Meadow.  Mary-Stuart commuted to downtown Manhattan for over 10 years with young children at home.  Then she and her family moved to mid-country Greenwich with two school age children.   Soon thereafter they had an elderly mother-in-law move in with them.  The moves included changes in work, schools, routines, and the thrill of new friends, discovery and change.

Calm Under Pressure

Mary-Stuart is well know for remaining calm under pressure.  Putting clients at ease includes having a heart, understanding stresses and knowing from personal experience that issues can unexpectedly arise and come from multiple sources.   Each client is different, so whether it is helping a family member along or executing a transaction with an investor from afar, each client has a unique set of priorities or challenges.   Putting clients at ease includes:

  • Focusing on client priorities.
  • Understanding the clients needs.
  • Having a heart and understanding how to alleviate stress when possible.
  • Preparing clients in advance.
  • Communicating regularly, quickly and clearly.
  • Providing clients with access to facts and knowledge.
  • Supporting recommendations.
  • Providing valuable opinions.
  • Ensuring confidence in advice.

Strength in Negotiations

Mary-Stuart brings her Wall Street skills to bear and creates detailed analysis for clients so they can feel an added level of comfort in pricing and negotiations.  Some of her tools include:

  • Comprehensive listing presentations
  • Targeted and detailed comparable market analysis
  • Market condition reports
  • Extensive charts and graphs on market segments
  • Power point presentation on history and trends of the market
  • Property marketing reports
  • Bespoke investor analysis

Quality Care

Some just do it.  Others do it right.  Mary-Stuart believes in quality care that ensures client satisfaction.

Your Real Estate Matters.

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Feature Image by Blaise Vonlanthen