August Closings

Single family home closings in Greenwich, Cos Cob, Riverside and Old Greenwich, CT were up 7% in August over the same period the prior year.  Closings generally reflect sales that occurred 30 to 90 days prior.  Compared to last August this year: The number of single family sales was up 7%. Sales volume was downContinue reading “August Closings”

Less Than Half an Acre

Zoning regulations enable a town to manage land use and development.  A town map will identify zones.  Generally, zoning follows a logic based on historic and current use, transportation arteries, commercial districts, natural resources, the availability of public utilities, residential character, parks and topography. In Greenwich, commercial districts are centered along Greenwich Avenue, its environs,Continue reading “Less Than Half an Acre”

Proceed With Care

It’s too soon to tell.  Year to date analysis doesn’t make much sense.  The Spring market just started.  Will the market take off?  Progress slowly?  Yield to other concerns? Or will it stick it’s neck out and make others pay attention!    We are not sure yet. Sellers need to protect their assets and notContinue reading “Proceed With Care”

Focusing on Closings

Year to date there have been 712 residential sales in Greenwich, CT, up 3%.   The median price is down 3%.  Single family sales are essentially flat, and the median price is up, yes, 3%.  Steady she goes. Or not! Focusing in, November residential sales were up 55%, according to the Greenwich Multiple Listing Service.  In addition,Continue reading “Focusing on Closings”

October Closings: Flat But Not Boring

October sales in Greenwich, CT were essentially flat with 40 single family homes closing this year as compared to 39 last year.  There were 14 condominium/cooperative sales, or two more than in October last year.  Year to date sales are also flat with 650 sales compared to 649 sales last year.  Single family home salesContinue reading “October Closings: Flat But Not Boring”

September Closings

September ushered in 34 single family closings townwide as compared to 57 in September of last year in Greenwich (GR), Riverside (RV), Cos Cob (CC) and Old Greenwich (OG) according to the Greenwich MLS. While the number of single family closings was down for month, the average sales price was up a considerable 54% fromContinue reading “September Closings”

August Closings Smile on Luxury Market

Sales volume of single family homes in Greenwich was up 31% in the month of August compared to the same period last year. Eight sales in excess of $5 million drove the average price up 49%. There were 57 single family closings in August this year as compared to 65 in August of last yearContinue reading “August Closings Smile on Luxury Market”

July Closings

There were 53 single family closings in July this year in Greenwich, which includes Greenwich, Cos Cob, Riverside and Old Greenwich, as compared to 69 in July of last year according to the Greenwich Multiple Listing Service. The average sales price ($1,985,000) was down for the month as compared to last year. That said, yearContinue reading “July Closings”

June Jumps Around

Single family sales in Greenwich, CT appeared to jump around wildly in June. In Riverside sales volume was up a whopping 269% on a 58% increase in the number of sales. While Riverside benefitted from seven additional sales in the month of June as compared to June of last year, Cos Cob was down sevenContinue reading “June Jumps Around”

April Pauses

After a strong first quarter, April took a pause.  In townwide Greenwich, including Cos Cob, Riverside and Old Greenwich, there were 30 closings as compared to 38 in April last year, and there were 128 new listings, 23% fewer than last year. Rentals were also down marginally to 78 from 86 last year. There areContinue reading “April Pauses”

Year End Snapshot: No Bonus

Greenwich sold 573 single family homes in 2016 for a total volume of $1.26 billion. The average single family home sold for $2.2 million and the median sales price was $1.7 million. Overall the number of sales was down 5% and with more affordable homes outpacing luxury home sales volume was down 13% over 2015Continue reading “Year End Snapshot: No Bonus”

Election Jitters Loom Over Decision Making

Prospective home buyers may be refraining from making major investments ahead of the election. Other buyers may be delaying purchases because they are hard at work earning their year-end bonuses, need to receive the year end bonus before they can qualify for a mortgage loan or want to see how much of a down paymentContinue reading “Election Jitters Loom Over Decision Making”

September Sales

In September, Greater Greenwich, which includes Greenwich, Cos Cob, Riverside and Old Greenwich, closed on nearly $147 million worth of residential property. The 72 closings in September was just shy of the 76 closings in the prior year and included 56 single family homes, 14 condominiums and 2 cooperatives. The average single family home soldContinue reading “September Sales”

August Closings

For the month of August, there were 89 home closings and 86 rentals in Greater Greenwich according to the Greenwich Multiple Listing Service. Of the home closings, 65 were single family properties ranging in sales price from approximately $600,000 to $4,975,000. :The number of single family homes sales was up 25% and the average salesContinue reading “August Closings”