Less Than Half an Acre

Zoning regulations enable a town to manage land use and development.  A town map will identify zones.  Generally, zoning follows a logic based on historic and current use, transportation arteries, commercial districts, natural resources, the availability of public utilities, residential character, parks and topography. In Greenwich, commercial districts are centered along Greenwich Avenue, its environs, … Continue reading Less Than Half an Acre

Young Adults Living with Parents Longer

Mary Stuart Freydberg observes United States Census Burea

According to the United States Census Bureau, living arrangements have changed dramatically over the last decade. Young Adults (1834) are more likely to be living with their parents than any other arrangement. As reported in The Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood 1975 - 2016, the US Census Bureau found: More young people today … Continue reading Young Adults Living with Parents Longer

School Bell Time Changes

At the start of each school year I write a weekly touching on highlights for prospective buyers.  The most sweeping change this year is the later school start times.  Greenwich High School now starts at 8:30AM and dismisses at 3:15PM.  Western, Central and Eastern Middle Schools start at 8:00AM and end at 2:50PM.  Elementary Schools … Continue reading School Bell Time Changes

Renovations and May Closings

There are many components a prospective purchaser will consider in valuing real estate. Simplified, they include the land value and improvement value. The value of the land reflects location, size, access, neighborhood, zoning, rights (including untapped building potential or access to public utilities), topography, views and more. The value of the improvements includes the house, … Continue reading Renovations and May Closings

Seasonality of Open Houses and Showings

While many homes are advertised publicly, the public should not expect an ability to view a home at will. Sellers have absolute discretion over how and when their private home will be shown. Prospective purchasers may view a home either through an Open House or a private Showing. All Open Houses and Showings should be … Continue reading Seasonality of Open Houses and Showings

Babcock Preserve

Chipmonk in Babcock Preserve in Greenwich CT

Enriching Back Country Greenwich, Babcock Preserve is a Greenwich treasure. Located north of the Merritt Parkway, east of Lake Avenue and west of North Street, nearly 300 acres host hikers, joggers, horseback riding, picnics, cross country skiing and nature enthusiasts. Open to the public every day from sunrise to sunset, Babcock Preserve features the East … Continue reading Babcock Preserve