While They’ll Come Back to Visit

Dropping college children off or saying goodbye at the airport isn’t easy.  We’ll miss them.  But we feel confident they will do well.  They have had the blessing of a superior education in Greenwich.  Sure the college application process was grueling, but that’s in part because there are so many highly qualified applicants from Greenwich.  Some have scholarships, some have jobs.  We must be doing something right.

So off they.  Will they come back to visit more than the obligatory holidays?  They say they will come home to Greenwich.  Here are some top reasons why:

  • Greenwich is beautiful.  It truly is.  There’s no place like it around New York City.
  • Greenwich is a community.  Not too big and not too small.  Alumni networks are strong.
  • You can’t walk down Greenwich Avenue without seeing someone you know.
  • There are always new people to meet.  Connections too.
  • There are jobs here and nearby.
  • It’s only a short train ride to New York City.
  • You can get on the water.
  • There is room to have friends come visit.
  • My club, my activities are accessible.
  • You can live here as a grown up and not run into your parents unless you want to.
  • The taxes are low.
  • We feel really lucky to have grown up in Greenwich.

Thank you Greenwich.  We did well.

Departing Thoughts

Greenwich sellers will have a hard time letting go.  They know the value of their home and the value of living in Greenwich.  That said, the intangibles are hard to price.  An agent can help newcomers understand the benefits of the lifestyle.  But, like our children, they will never fully appreciate it all until it’s their turn.  So it’s natural to have a spread between ask and sell.  Make the offer and negotiate.

Open House Report

August 19, 2018 Open House Report


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