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It’s often said, the three most important considerations in purchasing real estate are location, location, location.  Let’s look at a few elements of location:

  • Legal
  • Lifestyle
  • Land

The location determines desirability, rights and responsibilities as it relates to real estate.  Quite simply, will I enjoy living there and can I afford to?  If yes, then what are the accompanying rights and responsibilities?  Specifically, what are the state, county and municipal taxes and what are the services provided in exchange?   Given property taxes, what is the quality of education?   Will I have access to realistic alternatives?  What rights does an owner have to build on a certain parcel of land?  And my neighbors?  Wil the character of the neighborhood change by right?  What public utilities will be available?   Will federal flood or local inland waterways and watersheds play a role in my use and enjoyment of a home in a given area?  Will I have rights to either access or restrict access to the coast?  Are their any easements or deed restrictions that may enhance or inhibit my rights to quiet peaceful enjoyment?

What kind of lifestyle will a neighborhood offer?  Walkability?  What does that mean to each member of the household?  Walk to all schools?  Walk to shop?  Walk to train?  Walk near home on sidewalks with little traffic?  Easy commute or easy access to daily essentials or services?  Given a desired location, can one afford all one’s needs?  All of one’s wants?  Compromising on certain priorities given a desired location are often a source of considerable debate.  A small yard and neighbors within view may offer a source of comfort to some, while privacy and space offer comfort to another.

Beneath it all lies the land.  Communities grew up around rivers, coasts, trains, transportation arteries and markets.  Coastlines were claimed for maritime businesses, wealthy homeowners, public use and parks.  Individuals and communities donated land and time to protect natural resources and beauty.  Soils and rock determined which land would be farmed and which would be prohibitive or functionally less desirable for development.  Topography determined which trails would become roads and ripe for high density development.  Planning and Zoning Departments and community input would find a balance to enhance the current and future lifestyle of a shared community called home.

No doubt an updated home with current floorplan is desirable.  At yet, that same house in different locations will have variable lifestyles.  And a similar lifestyle can be found in three very different houses within a few blocks of each other.  A house can be transformed to satisfy additional needs or wants – provided that the location allows for it and your lifestyle has time for it.  Houses can and do change.  The land endures.

In Greenwich, one finds a wonderful mix of topography and housing inventory.  Getting the mix right takes time and effort.  Finding it all wrapped into one neat package at the right time at the right price is the goal, but keep in mind that the children will grow, the job may change and other factors may come into play to adjust those priorities or the perceived value of the benefits to a particular location.  Greenwich offers a choice.  It is beautiful, unique and full of opportunity.  It is a community all its own, with access to major metropolitan resources and employment.  There is room to grow and change priorities and lifestyle all while living within the same community.

The incredible involvement of the citizens through the governing Representative Town Meeting in the town budget, general public feedback to the town on comprehensive plans and the like help to ensure the land, lifestyle and laws will endure to support the desirability of living in Greenwich.

Personal Note

There is nothing like traveling to remind one of the great fortune of Greenwich!  I appreciate the:

  • Natural bounty and beauty of the land and waters,
  • Residents who protect the land and nourish the community,
  • Laws and citizens who protect the lifestyle,
  • Land and location.

Keep an open mind when considering neighborhoods within Greenwich.  We agents see it so often we are not surprised when a prospective purchaser starts looking in one neighborhood and ends up in another they knew less about but grew to enjoy even more.

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