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Mary Stuart Freydberg visits Greenwich Book Exchange

Holly Hill.  I had heard about it.  The name sounded appealing.  The purpose? Not so much.  Who wants to visit a trash recycling center?  Not me.  Yes, I like the idea of recycling.  We have the large recycling bin at home, fill it every week and the carting company takes it away.   I have my system and it works.

But they kept telling me I should go see it.  The name Holly Hill popped up over and over again.  So I finally went.  They turned me away.  I didn’t have the right permit.  Humiliated at being denied access to a junk yard, I gave up.

But it continued.  You should have taken it to Holly Hill.  You can dispose of that at Holly Hill.  Take your books to the free book exchange at Holly Hill.  If you are a Greenwich resident, then you can go.  Just go.  So I gathered the permit application, proof of residency etc.  and went on a very cold wet Spring Saturday morning.  As it turns out I didn’t need all that.  They changed the rules.  All I needed was the beach pass, which was already on my windshield.

They waived me in.  Wow.  So many people recycling!  So efficient.  Organized.  Well attended.  A neighbor offered to help me.  The cheerful book exchange attendants gave me a warm welcome.  A young boy eagerly helped his father toss large empty Home Depot boxes into the bin below. I was in and out and left that broken heavy wet vacuum, garden hose and decorative metal fencing behind.

I should have gone earlier.

I would have taken my:

  • Moving boxes
  • The metal bed frame that no longer worked
  • The large plastic dog crate
  • The broken grill
  • All those books
  • The broken plastic toys
  • Outdated electronics
  • Items too large to fit in the garbage cans
  • Miscellaneous leftover construction materials
  • Periodic yard waste
  • The old air conditioning unit
  • And so much more

Now don’t get me wrong.  I wouldn’t hang out there.  I would not recommend it to everyone.  I really don’t think I’ll be there that often.  But that being said, when I have a need I will use it.  And it just may come in handy for all my readers who are considering or in the process of a move.

Had I known about it, I would have used it after my move to Greenwich.  I wouldn’t have collected unwanted scrap items until there was a full load to warrant paying someone else to haul it away.  I would have been more vigilant about cleaning out the shed if I had known that I could be rid of and recycle the unwanted items so efficiently.  I would have, could have, should have.

Well, next time I will.

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