Happy Father’s Day

In respect of Father’s Day, many Open Houses typically held on Sundays have been switched to Saturday.  Take note of the day.

Remember that the host and hostesses of Open Houses represent the Seller and Seller only while hosting an Open House.  Anything a guest says in respect of the house or one’s interests, intents or needs will be reported back to the Seller, duly noted as general feedback and used in future negotiations.
Visitors will be asked to sign in.  Clients should simply write in my name as your agent.  No personal information is required when represented by an agent.  Do reach out to me early in the process.
Father’s Day Weekend also marks the start of summer shortened weeklies focusing on Living In and Enjoying Greenwich.
A very Happy Father’s Day Weekend to all.  Enjoy this gorgeous weekend.  I intend to!
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Mary Stuart g Freydberg

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