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Mary-Stuart Freydberg meets Swan

It’s too soon to tell.  Year to date analysis doesn’t make much sense.  The Spring market just started.  Will the market take off?  Progress slowly?  Yield to other concerns? Or will it stick it’s neck out and make others pay attention!    We are not sure yet.

Sellers need to protect their assets and not be pushed around.  Stand your ground. Your home has considerable value simply by being in Greenwich. At the same time, look around, and seek counsel.  You may own something quite special, but if you are not in sync with the market, you may need to adjust so others can see your beauty and make sense of it’s value.

Depending on where you are looking, buyers should be aware that conditions vary widely in Greenwich and in some parts traffic moves quite quickly, so don’t fly in without preparing and seeking guidance.   Proceed carefully.  The State of Connecticut wants buyers to seek counsel of buyer brokers.

February Closings

The 85 residential closings in February were primarily located south of the Merritt Parkway and distributed from west to east and above and below the Post Road.  There were 15 residential sales under $1.0 million, including condominiums and cooperatives.  As for the single family market in Greenwich, Cos Cob, Riverside and Old Greenwich, 13 sales constituting 27% of the volume sold between $2.0 and $3.0 million.  February 2018 Closings Report

February 2018 Residential Sales in Greenwich, Cos Cob, Riverside and Old Greenwich

Open Houses

Come take a look at 15 Idar Court in Greenwich.  This four bedroom, five bathroom new construction home is on a peaceful cul-de-sac with easy access to Greenwich Avenue, grocery stores, train station and I-95.  Come see all the action and upgrades in the neighborhood too.  March 4, 2018 Open House Report
2018 03 03 15 Idar Court Map
Personal Note
The lights were flashing on multiple police cars.  The officers were stopping traffic, but there was no honking, no anxious maneuvers up ahead.  As I approached I had to smile when I saw the reason why!  A swan had made herself comfortable in the crosswalk in neighboring Port Chester.  She looked so beautiful, so familiar and so out of place.  Before we moved, we used to see swans regularly.  How quickly we forget the beauty of the land and the relaxing home it provides for so many.  I like cities and towns and suburban villages.  I also like to retreat to a quiet place to recharge so I can wake up early hear the birds sing and watch the sun rise from a distance.  Let me help you find a home that suits you.


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