2017 Home Sale Characteristics

What are some of the typical characteristics of single family homes that sold in Greenwich in 2017?

  • Average Bedrooms: 4.5
  • Average Square Feet: 4,200
  • Average Full Baths: 3.5
  • Average Half Baths: 1.0
  • Average Fireplaces: 2.0
  • Average Garages: 2.1
  • Average Acres: 1.45

Clearly, real estate is not a commodity valued solely by a handful of objective stats no matter how convenient it is to talk averages.   Location, views, topography, condition, finishes, materials, age, ceiling height, floor plans and so many other variables can prevail in or prevent a decision to buy.

The range of even the most basic of objective measurements can vary dramatically in Townwide Greenwich, which includes Cos Cob, Riverside and Old Greenwich.  For example, in 2017 three bedroom homes constituted nearly 26% of all sales, and prices ranged between $500,000 and $4.6 million.  The sales price of a four bedroom, four bathroom home ranged from $1.0 to $5.0 million.  Nearly 40% of the homes sold were less than 3,000 square feet, including 1% under 1,000 square feet.   Over 4% of the homes sold were greater than 10,000 square feet.   A one acre to two acre property sold for prices between $1.0 and $9.0 million.  In short, Greenwich has a lot to offer with a wide range of options.  Come find yours!


Open Houses
There are 65 Open Houses Sunday.  (Contact me for access to reports).
From Dallas this week,
Mary-Stuart G Freydberg
20 years professional real estate advice
Mary Stuart G Freydberg

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