Sleek, Slim and Scarce

Prune Personal Possessions Before Showing

Reason One: Most home searches begin online

Will your home become a Favorite, a Maybe or Hidden from view?  After scrolling through innumerable beautiful professional images, buyers become discerning.  Sleek looks attract attention.  These days a buyer’s time is scarce, and having already done research online, they often direct which homes they will agree to see.  Have your home look among the very best in its price range so it becomes a Must See.

Reason Two: Sleek and Slim Sells

Strive to have your home sparkling clean and free of excess stuff (to use a technical term).  Prune your personal possessions before listing your home for sale.  Take a hard look.  It takes time to slim down, so plan accordingly.  If it’s not necessary to make the room or house look better, then consider removing it.  Does it define space? Keep it.  Does it crowd the room? Prune it.  Does it block natural traffic patterns for showing purposes?  Move or remove it.  Does it capture attention better directed toward the view?  Can someone else imagine their belongings in the room or is it too overwhelming to imagine?

Pruning personal possessions serves multiple purposes.  Rooms look larger.  The rooms and halls are easier to navigate.  Cabinets and closets appear to have excess capacity.  There’s no wondering or concern about what might be hidden from view.  Buyers can imagine themselves moving in.

Reason Three: A Serious Seller

Homes full to the brim turn off purchasers who need or want a quick close.  Houses that look like they could be packed up quickly show better and attract more prospective purchasers.  The seller looks serious, ready and organized.  The home appears well cared for.  One gets the sense that coming to terms will be easier with a no nonsense seller.  A purchaser finds comfort when they feel fewer impediments to close.

Reason Four: Scarcity

Given a reasonable list price, the combination of sleek, slim and serious is more scarce in each price range than one might imagine.  Educated buyers know it and will pay up for it.

Personal Note

There are personal reasons a seller may not be able to deliver a clutter free home irrespective of their motivations and ability to move quickly. I have seen amazing work accomplished in a short period of time, once it becomes a Must Do in order to close.  New jobs, illness in families, physical limitations or the the closing or launching of an important deal may simply take priority over clutter.

Therein lies the upside potential for a purchaser.   Like sellers, purchasers also have competing interests for their time.  Online photos are an excellent start, but there is no substitute for walking a property.  Work with an agent who personally takes the time to get to know you and who will attend Broker Open Houses with you in mind.  Wouldn’t you like to buy the diamond in the rough for a bargain?

Open Houses

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