Treasuring Trees

At this time of year we often look forward to the leaves changing and the accompanying array of blazing colors.  It wouldn’t be Autumn without the yield of green to orange, squirrels rushing to gather nuts and the sound of leaves blowing in the wind or crushing beneath a step.

Trees can be a major asset to a property and community throughout the year.  Many serve as aesthetic enrichments, providing enormous canopies, asymmetrical complexity, dynamic movement and dappled light on exterior lawns and interior walls.  Entering up a driveway lined with sugar maples is impressive.  A grand window framing the view of a distant beech tree provides living art inside and out.  An oak tree may extend a branch for a swing, pine trees trunks for a hammock, an apple orchard fruit for a pie or cedar branches kindling for a fire.  In the summer, elm tress may beckon with welcomed shade whether in a field, by the barn, over a sun-blazed patio, beside the pool or surrounding the perimeter of the tennis court.  Rows or arborvitae may deliver a curtain of privacy, noise reduction or structure and definition to property lines.  Sycamore trees serve as homes to small mammals and birds who add joy to a daily walk, a song to the afternoon and entertainment for all.  A scattering of specimen trees may bring lift, color, life, fruit and vibrancy throughout the year.  Rare is the estate that does not have grand trees near and far.  I treasure the bounty of trees.

Greenwich is abundant and rich with trees.  To be sure, they offer enormous property value.  Sometimes, like all assets, they require some protection.  Before selling or buying a home look closely at the entire property and consider consulting with a tree expert.  Healthy pruning and removal of fallen limbs can often offer opportunity for viable trees, bushes and lawns to multiply, thrive and give back.  Threes serve as important monuments of the land.  Treasure yours.

Personal Note

I have lived in New York City, Westchester and Fairfield Counties and loved them all.  In New York we spent hours entertaining on the rooftop under the cherry tree and surrounded by the perimeter gardens my husband planted.  In Westchester he planted a dozen sugar maples along a stone wall framing an open field.  We soaked in the colors, shade and syrup.  We planted an orchard and harvested the fruit.  In Greenwich we were already rich with trees.  Most recently we consulted with SavATree.  Yesterday, they came to work their magic.  My team was excellent.

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