Tapering Rental Market

The Greenwich single family rental market, unlike the sales market, exhibits strength through July and August as summer rentals and school year commencements drive timing. It begins to taper in  Autumn.  The bell curve for rentals is relatively smooth for single family rentals when looking at Greater Greenwich. which includes Greenwich, Cos Cos, Riverside and Old Greenwich. Interestingly, homes in Western Greenwich exhibit less of a pattern, with more opportunities throughout the year and less emphasis on the Spring.

There is a strong summer rental market for properties located near the beach or with a pool. Otherwise rentals in Greater Greenwich are typically a minimum of one year. Shorter term leases are typically hard to find. When considering whether to rent do take pets into consideration because many landlords do not allow pets or have restrictions on the number, type or size of animal.

There are numerous Open Houses on Sunday. With a large selection to choose from there is less traffic at each individual house so enjoy a longer look at each house you visit. (Contact me for access to my Open House Reports).

Personal Note

I will be at 25 Halsey Drive in Old Greenwich.

If you are considering selling your home within the next year, call me now for a listing consultation and to talk about what can be done to prepare!

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