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This week we take a quick look at listing data South of the Post Road in Greenwich. Overall, there are 87 homes listed for sale, 41 of which are single family homes. Listed inventory less than $2 million includes 10 single family homes and 25 condominiums or cooperatives. In the $2-$4 million range the listing pool has nine single family home listings. Over $4 million Greenwich offers 20 single family homes and four upscale condominiums.

Currently, there are 9 pending or contingent contracts on single family homes South of the Post Road in Greenwich, and with one notable exception ($15 million waterfront listing in Belle Haven), all are less than $3 million.

This Sunday there are 51 Open Houses, six of which are single family homes South of Post Road in Greenwich, and all are listed for less than $3 million.

Call me if you are looking to buy or sell within the next six months. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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